Dream symbols and their meanings

A dream is supposed to be a series of unconnected images, ideas, and sensations that occur in the mind during certain stages of sleep. Dreams can last anywhere between a couple of seconds and 20-30 minutes. The dreams that we remember in the morning, are usually the longer ones that occur during the rapid-eye-movement (REM) stage of sleep. The ones that occur during the deep sleep are often lost in our memory because the mind is unconscious during this stage of the sleep. The duration of such dreams is sometimes as small as a couple of seconds. But one notable feature of the dreams that occur during the deep sleep is that they tend to be fantasies. They seem irrelevant and disconnected from our everyday activities. But studies have shown that your shorter dreams are not entirely irrelevant and could hold deep meanings. And different dreams have different symbols associated with them and the meanings of dreams vary with the symbols associated with them. Based on what has been reported by a wide spectrum of people, the following is your dream dictionary that has some of the common dream symbols and dream meanings. You may very well find them similar to your own dream interpretations.


1. Flower

If you dream of a beautiful flower, it probably indicates that you are experiencing abundance, health, and growth in your life. If you also dream of a pleasant fragrance emanating from the flower, it is an indication that the environment of your home or office is lovely and pleasant.


2. Baby 

A dream about babies could possibly indicate that you want a certain aspect of yours to be more mature. It could also indicate that you want to be helped with something or that you want to be loved more than you actually are.



3. Airplane 

If you have had dreams about airplanes, you can perform a brief dream analysis to recollect the situation in the plane. If it is turbulence that you dream of, it could indicate turbulence in your real life too. If you feel swiftness, it could indicate that you are moving fast in your life and getting closer to achieving your goals.


4. Clouds 

Many people reportedly have had dreams of clouds. Even if it is nothing but the clouds that you see in your dreams, it could reflect your current situation. Dark clouds may represent the unpleasant situations. Bright clouds, on the other hand, may represent good fortune and reflect your positive outlook in life.


5. Food 

A dream about your favorite food item is kind of common, isn’t it? Many people have revealed that they have had dreams about food items. And it seems that most of them actually woke up hungry when they had such a dream. It can be a result of skipping of a meal and it may be a signal from your brain that your body is starving and needs food immediately.


6. People 

When you dream of a person, it could mean that you have had a meeting with this person in the recent past. It is also possible that the face of the person that you dreamed of is unfamiliar to you. But a study suggests that every face that you see in your dreams is a real face. So it means that the unfamiliar faces that you see in your dream are that of strangers whom you saw for a very short time in the past and never took a notice of. Well, that’s the power of your mind. It puts certain things in the storehouse of your subconscious mind even without you noticing it.

7. Mountain 

If you are standing right in front of a huge mountain in your dream, it could represent a potential barrier in your life that you are finding hard to cross. On the contrary, if you dream of you being on top of a mountain, it could mean that you recently achieved some remarkable success in your field. It could also mean that someone praised you which makes you feel on top of the world.

8. Mourning 

Mourning or being extremely sad even for a couple of seconds in your dream, is an obvious signal that you have had a sad experience recently. It is a signal that you are finding it hard to get over your sad circumstances and that you need help. It indicates that you need to make certain changes in your life, that will help you leave your past behind, and also make you happier.


9. School 

Children and teenagers often dream of schools and colleges which is obvious. It could be a signal that they are serious about their schoolwork. It could also mean that they are going through a particularly hard timetable filled with assessments and assignments. If a grownup dreams of school it could mean that something of late has kept them on their toes. It could mean that they are trying hard to complete a task that requires the utmost focus.

10. Being Trapped 

One of the worst nightmares, be it real life or a dream is that of being trapped. A dream about being trapped in a room, vehicle or a vessel for that sake, is a solid indication of your real life circumstances. It may mean that you are finding it hard to come out of a hard situation and need help from others. A dream of your being tied up with a rope is a step further, and it could mean that you need help in tackling a bottleneck kind of situation in your real life.

11. Missing a flight 

A dream about missing a flight could be common among frequent fliers and it could mean that you missed or were about to miss a flight recently. But it could also indicate something totally unrelated as well. It could mean that you are obsessed with an opportunity and are worried that you may lose it. It could also mean that you are worried about a hard deadline. Such dreams are best prevented by taking a solid action to prevent ill-favored outcomes.

12. Forest

If you dream of a beautiful forest it may indicate that your state of mind is remarkably peaceful. It could mean that you are living the best days of your life when nothing worries you at all. On the other hand, if you dream about being lost in the forest, it could be a reflection of your real life circumstances where you are having constant struggles with problems. It could be an indication that you need a guiding light to take you out of your problems.

13. Snake

Dreams about snakes are the worst nightmare one can have. Snake dream meaning could be something as simple as you saw a snake recently or something more complex as a situation bothering you in your real life. It could mean that you are scared of something of late and you just want to run away from it. Well, no matter what the situation or how scary the situation, action, and only action can get you out of it. Have faith in yourself and take a step in the right direction.


14. Tunnel

A dream about a tunnel could indicate a situation of confusion and perplexity in your life. It could also mean that you have been waiting for a long time to get out of a tough situation. And it could suggest that it is high time that you seek external help to figure out the solution to your problem and come out of the uncertainties that are bothering you.


15. Water

Water usually symbolizes quietness and sereneness. A dream about still pool of water could be a reflection of the peaceful surroundings you are living in. However, a violent stream of water could mean chaos and turmoil. It means that something is bothering you and that you need to put things in order to bring harmony back into your life.


16. Paralysis

If you dream about being paralyzed or not being able to move at all, it could signal helplessness. It could signal that in your real life there are certain questions for which you are finding it hard to get an answer. It could also signal confusion and uncertainty and your inability to get out of a situation. 

Final Thoughts

You cannot always conclude that a dream symbol means a such and such thing. Sometimes, your dreams can very well mean absolutely nothing at all. It can happen that your brain just put up a random picture from your unconscious mind which may not have to do anything with your present situation in life.  But in general, your thoughts and memories play a key role in creating these symbols when you are asleep. So it is not a bad idea to derive certain ideas from them and connect those dots that your mind puts out in form of dream symbols. Hope you enjoyed reading. Have a great day!