How to fill your Home with Positive energy

A lot of time we face difficult situations at home. Problems like lack of harmony, lack of wealth, health issues, recurring accidents, difficulties with neighbors, constant atmosphere of negativity are very common these days. Many times you wonder what wrong you may have done to be in the midst of all these unfortunate events. Most of us go back and forth trying to figure out a solution and slowly and painfully a huge chunk of our life is wasted for nothing. But what many of us fail to recognize is that the solution to our problems lies within us. If we make it a point to make constructive changes in our home and our surroundings we could very well bring about positive changes in our lives. We must realize that our homes are not just houses made of bricks and stones. Our home is the combination of our efforts to make every individual in the house a happy and a healthy being. Our home is made of vibrations from every individual residing in it. Every little thought and every single emotion that goes on inside you has its own vibration. These vibrations have a great deal of effect on the combined health of the house.


The little things accumulated in our house have equal power on the wellbeing of the house. Let’s say you have huge pile of old books located in the corner of your room. It is filled with dust and hardly gets noticed by anyone anymore because it has been there for years. However, this pile of books combined with dust has a subtle yet power effect on our minds. Subconsciously our mind blames itself for not being able to do anything about it. Every time you see the pile your overall demeanor changes from that of a joyous person to that off an exasperated individual. And then we wonder and spend hours in trying to deal with our weirdness without recognizing that simple changes in our house can solve our problems directly at the root. Clearing up the mess at your home is not sufficient and it must be complimented by subtle changes directly aimed at improving the positive vibration at your house.


Here are some easy yet powerful tips which can really bring about springs of positive vibes in your house that will positively affect our health and mindset, thereby enhancing the quality of our lives.


1. Clear the clutters 

Clutter is a turnoff for every single individual but it’s just that some of us chose to ignore it. In your journey to creating a perfect positive setup in your house this is the first and the most important thing to be taken care of.


2. Keep the windows open

This is a must because your house should be full of fresh air for you stay healthy. More the amount of oxygen at your disposal the healthier your body and mind becomes. Also the fresh air increases your tendency to take deeper breaths.


3. Smudge Sticks

These are dried herbs that are usually burned in religious rituals and ceremonies. Smudging is usually done as an act of purification. The fragrance of a burning smudge stick is said to have the power of cleansing the air and filling it with positive vibrations. A little amount of smudging lights up the atmosphere in the house and enhances the mood of everyone in the vicinity.


4. Lighting 

Put up lightings like candles or colorful LEDs that suits your mood. Lamp colored with your favorite shades is another way to enhance positivity. Even a small candle in the corner of your room can have positive effects. A candle with fragrance is an alternative for smudge sticks.


5. Crystals 

One of the great regulators of subtle energy, crystals can really make a difference when it comes to channeling positive energy throughout your room. There are many different crystals with different crystalline structure. The energy resonated by crystals can have good deal of effect on your inner self and your attitude as a whole.


6. Indoor plants 

When you are connected with the nature you tend to be more relaxed. Placing indoor plants is a good way of making your surroundings chilled out. Aromatic plants are good at enhancing the quality of air inside your room.


7. Wind Chimes 

If you are a music lover or someone who appreciates musical sounds, wind chimes is the way to go. Place your favorite wind chime on your door or window and it will do its job of relaxing with no effort from your side.


8. Lesser electronics

Make sure your room is not filled with electronics. Too much of electronic items lead to mental depression. You need to live your life in real and not inside a TV, Laptop or a mobile phone.


These simple tips when implemented can lead you to a happier and healthier life. You take one step and you get the motivation to take many more steps to improve the quality of your surroundings in your house. Remember, perfect home and perfect minds are inseparable entities. If you want a relaxed mind you must have a house filled with positive vibrations. The sooner you take an action to change your surroundings, the better your chances for a healthier, happier and a longer life. If you enjoyed reading this article, do share it with your friends.