Mind training exercises for you

Every moment your mind trains your body to perform repetitive tasks with lesser and lesser directions from the mind. Be it something as simple as brushing your teeth or something as ordinary as cleaning your desk, your mind constantly tries to simplify your tasks. The mind performs this simplification with the ultimate goal of achieving automation of the repetitive tasks and utilizing the thought process on newer and more challenging tasks. But to tackle the more challenging aspects of life, your mind needs little more than the awareness gained from the conventional sources – i.e., schooling and professional education. It needs unorthodox ways to train itself to improve its efficiency and competence. Luckily, there exist quite a few tools, like the mind power training services, mind training courses and, mind training books to enhance the efficiency of your mind. And today, I am going to share some simple yet valuable mind training techniques that could easily make your mind more efficient and flexible.


1. Mind Maps 

The concept of a mind map is known for centuries, and in modern era British author Tony Buzan is credited for making this concept popular. The mind map is a visual method of representing and organizing information. Each Mind map starts with a central image on a blank paper. From this central image branch out several lines different colors that represent different keywords related to the central image. This is an efficient way to remember comprehensive information about a particular topic. With consistent practice of mind maps, the learning ability of your mind is boosted considerably.


2. Reading 

Taking up reading and being consistent with it is a tough ask for many. But a study has shown that reading improves the constructive thinking capacity of the brain. Now think about this. What are the things you gain when reading a book? First off, reading improves the capability of your brain to process more diverse information outside of your regular areas of interest. Secondly, when you read something, you invariably imagine and visualize the context of the subject, thereby developing your creative thinking. Not only that. When you read you come across many new words which improve your vocabulary.


3. Riddles 

The fascination with solving riddles is not limited to kids and teenagers. Humans are built to figure out stuff and their tremendous evolution over the ages marked by inventions and discoveries is the proof of that. The more you train your brain to solve puzzles the more flexible your mind becomes. Anything ranging from anagrams, crossword puzzles to Rubik’s cube, Jigsaw puzzles, and solitaire, to the more mathematical and logical puzzles will make your mind more bright and proficient.


4. Sports 

When you talk about conditioning your mind and body, there cannot be a better option than sports. If you consistently play an outdoor or even an indoor sport, it can help a great deal in training your mind. For instance, an outdoor sport like tennis and badminton can tune your hand-eye coordination. Football is another sport which improves your hand-eye coordination and also enhances your aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health. On the other hand, an indoor game like chess can improve your prudence, calculation and tactical abilities. The game of Sudoku helps improve your logical thinking and number skills and reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease because it keeps your brain constantly active. 


5. Expanding your horizons

It is always a good thing to do, to expand your horizons by learning new things which in turn, will also refresh your mind. Doing new stuff, like, taking up new hobbies or acquiring new skills, can improve the capabilities of your mind drastically. Things, like learning a new language, learning a new recipe or joining a music class, will do a world of good to your creative and artistic prowess. Trying out new things also gives you a wider range of areas where you can try your luck and succeed. For instance, consider Donald Fisher who founded the Gap store along with his wife in 1969. At that time he was 40 and had no experience in retail. And yet, his endeavor turned out to be a grand success and today, Gap is one of the most extensive clothing chains in the world. 


6. Meditation 

Quantitative improvement in mind needs to be accompanied by the qualitative improvement. Meditation is an ancient method of relaxing your mind and relieving it of the clutter of needless thoughts. Several ancient and modern meditation techniques exist but something as simple as sitting and focusing on your breath for a couple of minutes is good enough, to begin with, your meditation practice. It enormously helps one to attain calmness of mind coupled with unshakable focus. Mindfulness is another kind of meditation with a specific emphasis on bringing one’s attention to inner body experiences and external happenings. It trains your mind to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, impulses, and sensations without being judgmental. It is a great way of making your mind smarter and stronger.


7. Positive Affirmations 

When you are dealing with something, there are two ways of looking at it. You can either look at the negative side and await the worst of outcomes or, you can look at the brighter side and expect the best of outcomes. And to train your mind to look at the positive aspect of anything, there cannot be a better approach than Positive affirmations. Positive affirmations make sure that your mind gets the right motivation when dealing with tough tasks. Constant practice of positive affirmations makes your mind confident and more prepared to deal with challenges. It is recommended for people from all age groups. All you have to do is to make some effective Positive affirmations like “I am confident”, “I am kind”, and “I am loved”, part of your daily routine. And in no time, you will learn to develop a positive frame of mind, no matter how hard and demanding the situation is. 


Change is inevitable and training yourself for the change is a necessity. No matter how old you get, never stop training your mind and tweaking your abilities. The more you train your mind the greater the chances of success. So, consider taking up some of the exercises mentioned above and you will witness the change for yourself.