Positive affirmations for children

Positive affirmations reap benefits only when they are habitual. So it is always recommended that you make Positive affirmations a vital part of your children’s upbringing. Once they make it a habit their whole demeanor starts growing in a positive direction. Positive affirmations for kids are a great way to help them deal with the pressure of schools and examinations. It also provides them a great deal of encouragement to be socially active. In tough and asking situations they will learn to think positively. They will grow up to be confident individuals. And their confidence will reflect on their surroundings and will literally have a positive effect on everyone around them.


Following are some effective Positive affirmations for children which will definitely help your children in the long run and will get them ready to stand firm and tall in this tough world.


1. I am loved 

Your children should never have an impression that they are not loved. They should have utmost trust in you and for that they should have greatest trust in your love. You should not only love but also make it amply clear to them that you love them more than life itself.


2. I am kind 

From an early age children must be taught to be kind. They should make it a habit to be kind to friends and animals alike. This kindness affirmation will help them develop into compassionate individuals.


3. I am safe

Safety is a top priority for all kids. You must make all arrangements for their safety no matter where they are. But certain trivial things that scare a kid can become a burden on him/her for their entire life. So children must be made amply aware that they are safe and protected.


4. I am helpful

Children must be taught to be helpful. This is one lesson that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. If every kid is taught to be compassionate and helpful, it will be biggest single contribution to building a better tomorrow for this world.


5. I am confident

This affirmation helps children perform well in schools and examinations. It also helps them in the social arena. If they make the habit of reminding themselves that they are confident, nothing on the big stage will ever scare them.


6. I enjoy learning

Every kid should enjoy this vital part of their upbringing. They should show continued interest in learning new things. It is not just about education but it is also about general awareness. So help them generate the right amount of motivation to keep learning.


7. I know how to express myself

Children must be taught to share their feelings appropriately. They must not hide their dilemmas so much that it becomes a burden on them.


8. I am a quick learner

This is essentially an auto suggestion that will tune your child to grasp things faster. This habit of learning things fast is a great asset to have and to imbibe this early on in your children is unquestionably a great thing to do.


9. I am creative

You do not want your kid to be a part of a system which treats humans like machines. Your child must learn to be creative. Children must be taught to be innovators from an early age and you will never guess the great things they create.


10. I am unique

Every individual is unique in his/her own way. Children must be taught this and must be motivated to be in total love with their uniqueness. The more they appreciate their own uniqueness the more they will be confident and the more they will respect others.


11. I am punctual

Time management is very essential in today’s world. Children must learn to be punctual at a very early age. This is one habit which will help them a great deal in their grownup days.


12. I believe in my dreams

Last but definitely not the least; your child must believe in his/her dreams. Children must have the conviction to translate their dreams into realities. A child’s imagination can be manifested only if he/she is taught to believe. Encourage them as much as needed to go with their dreams and help them take steps to implement them.


These positive affirmations are meant to help your child build a positive demeanor, but let us constantly remind ourselves the power of autosuggestion. What you suggest to your mind is literally the blueprint of what it executes. So make it a point to educate your children to use the Positive affirmations effectively, to grow up as positive and confident individuals.