Positive affirmations for work

In today’s world it is vital to practice positive affirmations daily. Positive affirmations are a good way of training the mind to remain optimistic and energetic in even the most difficult of situations in life. Practice of daily positive affirmations results in improved human relations and effectiveness at workplace. Even the most brilliant of people owe their success to some powerful positive affirmations. There are many people who use positive affirmations for depression while there are many others who use positive affirmations for love.

So what are positive affirmations? It is a method to rewire your brain for positive thinking. It finds its root in the saying, “You become what you think”. And because our words shape our thoughts it is only but essential, that we say the right words so that we generate the right thoughts. A single positive word can bring about multiple positive thoughts. And positivity is all that we need to lead a happy and fulfilling life. These positive words and sentences that you say to yourself are essentially affirmations for positive thinking, hence the phrase “Positive Affirmations”.

Following is a list of some effective positive affirmations for work and career. These positive work affirmations are also positive affirmations for life. It is a list of positive affirmations that will change your life for better. Be it your workplace, social life or personal life, these affirmations will do a world of good for you, wherever you are.


1. I am incredibly confident 

This is one of the most important positive affirmations for success at work. To do well in today’s competitive world confidence is an essential quality to have. To be confident you need the right amount of energy and multiple factors like good food, exercise and 8 hours of sleep contribute to one’s energy levels. But more than anything, it is the mindset that helps you project yourself as a confident individual. You should feel confident inside and only then you can project confidence on the outside. Repeat this affirmation frequently to lift up your confidence levels.


2. I breathe in positive energy 

This is one of the best positive affirmations for anxiety. Positivity makes a huge difference in one’s viewpoint on life. Only if you have the right perception will you be able to deal with situations in the rightful manner. You have to feel that you breathe in loads of positive energy every moment of the day. Saying out this affirmation will inspire you to look at everything with a positive frame of mind.


3. I am happy and healthy 

You must always remember that end of the day it is your happiness and wellbeing that counts more than anything else. The end result of any work you undertake should result in improved happiness and health. Hence, positive affirmations for happiness ought to be part of your daily routine. Say out this affirmation regularly to make sure your mind never misses out on these two very important goals of life.


4. I have excellent communication skills 

To deal with people you have to be good in communication. You have to keep practicing and learning to scale up your communication effectiveness. And you have to be willing enough to be able to that. Just sit back and feel for a moment that you are an effective communicator. Repeat this affirmation and your mind will direct you to work harder to improve your communication skills. This is one of the positive self affirmations that will help you in the long run.


5. I am respected and charming 

This is one of my favorite positive thinking affirmations. It is also one of the vital positive affirmations for self esteem. Because being respected and loved are wonderful assets to have. Respect and love play a vital role in improving one’s enthusiasm levels at work. When you know that you are charming and loved, you will have the right amount of passion to do your work. Repeating this affirmation will not only earn you respect but will also inspire you to respect others.


6. I am peaceful and helpful 

This is one of the key positive affirmations for work stress. Any workplace demands a peaceful environment, an environment where everyone is willing to help others. To be at peace with everyone and to come out as a helping individual repeat this peaceful affirmation as often as you can.


7. I have a good sense of humor 

A major stress buster at work is a good dose of humor. It is even advisable to acquire skills that improve your funny side. Any individual with good sense of humor is loved by one and all. You can repeat this affirmation to develop the willingness to crack a joke every now and then.


8. I love and enjoy doing my work 

You have to love your job to be able to do it with utmost dedication. When you enjoy your work, you work harder without getting stressed out. You should choose the work which is meant for you and you should enjoy every moment of it. Repeat this affirmation to feel the love for your work.


9. I am successful in whatever I do 

Feel from the inside that success is your birth right. Feel that you are successful in whatever you do. Say out this affirmation as loud and often as you can and success will be a reality.


10. I am creative and resourceful 

Last but not the least; this is one of the essential positive life affirmations. Creativity is what keeps us going in every walk of life. Be it your work or your personal life, you have to be able to create new things and remain bright no matter how old you are. After all, creativity is change and change is inevitable and you have got to be on top of this game. Repeat this affirmation to think differently and create new things.


Final Thoughts

Each of these simple positive affirmations can bring about constructive changes in your methods and will brighten up your life. You can also make slight modifications to turn these into positive affirmations for kids. Take one affirmation at a time and persist with it and see the magic. So it is for your best interests to use daily affirmations for positive thinking. All you have to do is, rewire your thinking process to turn your negative affirmations into positive affirmations for change. However, you should make it a point to be consistent with your affirmations practice. Once you stick with positive daily affirmations you will start noticing the subtle yet powerful change in your outlook on life. Trust in the power of positive affirmations and you will grow happier with each passing day, which in fact is the single biggest goal of your life.