Simple ways to stimulate Spirituality

Spirituality is the state of mind where you overlook the material or physical world for a while and, delve into the ‘nothingness’ inside you. This nothingness is profoundly called as the Soul or the Spirit. There are many practices like yoga, meditation and mind therapies which can take you to the perfect spiritual state. However, your soul is like a treasure trove, which is surrounded by a thick layer of thoughts, memories, and emotions. So to be attuned to your soul, you need to first rid your mind of the flurry of thoughts. But you can never do that if you keep fighting with your thoughts. The right way to subdue your thoughts is to use external agents to settle them at the bottom of your mind. These agents or stimulators can take your mind towards peacefulness and tranquility and create a perfect platform for spiritual exercises.


1. Fresh Air 

Your physical and mental health is directly related to the quality of the air you breathe. Fresh air strengthens your immune system and cleanses your lungs. So it goes without saying that your spiritual journey must have this constant companion, which is fresh air. The fresher the oxygen you breathe the healthier your body and mind gets. Practicing meditation in outdoors with good quality air is highly recommended. But if you choose to do indoor meditation, make sure you keep the windows in your room open to ensure free circulation of air.


2. Incense sticks

Also known as Agarbatti, incense sticks are popular in India since the ancient Vedic times. Incense sticks are part of Hindu rituals and are lighted right before the chantings and customs begin. The fragrance from burning the incense sticks is meant to clear the air of any impurity and create an atmosphere of tranquility and spirituality. While most incense sticks have a core bamboo stick as a handle, special incense sticks called ‘Dhoop’ do not accompany a bamboo stick with them and produce way more smoke and fragrance.


3. Bells

In Hinduism, ‘Ghanta’ a Sanskrit word, is used to describe the bell which is often rung by devotees while entering the temples. The Buddhist bells are known as ‘Bonshō’ and can be seen in most Buddhist Monasteries. In Christianity, a Church bell is used for communal service and is used to let the worshippers know of the canonical hour, which is the time when the daily prayers begin. Most bells are made out of a combination of metals like lead, zinc, and copper. The sound of a bell is said to have the ability to unite the left and right brain and to clear the mind of all thoughts, thereby creating the ideal state of spirituality. A handheld bell which also used by most Hindu people at home is a perfect tool to create an ambiance of calmness. It gives you a sense of purity and peace and puts you right into the zone of Spirituality.


4. 432 Hz music

It is said that the sound of the universe resonates at a frequency of 432 Hz. And any sound tuned to 432 Hz has the power to channel the cosmic energy to the energy centers in the Human body popularly known as Chakras. This is perhaps why the music tuned to 432 Hz has a soothing and healing effect on the mind. The music tuned to 432 Hz sounds softer and warmer to the ears than the music tuned to 440 Hz. It has the power to instantly clear the mind of all thoughts and to create a resonant effect similar to that of deep meditation. Many of the great musicians like Mozart and Verdi, based their music on the vibration of 432 Hz. Though many instruments like Santoor, Sitar, Flute can resonate sounds at 432 Hz, Tibetian bowls have become the most popular instrument with the music therapists and sound healers.


5. Fountain

Have you ever noticed the state of your mind when you are standing at a beach engrossed in the sound of the rolling ocean waves? Have you ever noticed what the sound of large waterfalls does to your brain? The sound of water simply pauses your thought process and receives the undivided attention from your mind making it quieter and calmer. The reason the sound of water soothes your mind so much is that it clears out other noises and gives you an instant feeling of expansion. It unites your mind with everything that is vast, like the ocean, the sky, and the universe. So, consider putting a mini fountain in your living room and let it be a constant source of tranquillity for you.


6. Himalayan Salt Lamps

If you are serious about keeping your living room ever purified and energized, consider putting Himalayan salt lamps in your room. The Himalayan salt lamps are said to be capable of absorbing foreign particles like smoke and dust thereby cleaning the air in your room. Due to this particular attribute, the Himalayan salt lamps can be helpful for people who are allergic to smoke and dust. Another most welcome feature of Himalayan salt lamps for anyone headed for meditation is that it is capable of increasing positive energy levels in a room. One cannot ask for anything more of a little lamp.


7. Herbs

Harvesting herbs in your kitchen garden or your living room is another way to create an atmosphere of serenity in your home. The herbs like Chives are not only known for their sweet fragrance but are also believed to be effective in driving away insects. The herbs like basil, lavender and lemon balm can act as the never-ending sources of aroma and provide you the much-needed composure before heading to a session of meditation. So, putting a good set of herbs in your living room, kitchen and garden could really take you one step ahead in your spiritual journey.


8. Flowers

Flowers with good fragrance can play an active role in improving the quality of air inside a room. The soothing scent and color of flowers can also brighten up your room and your spirit. Many floral scents are known to have wonderful health benefits. They are mood relaxers and can enhance your emotional well being and lower your stress levels. The flowers like Jasmine, Hyacinth, Rose, Stargazer Lily, and Daphne are some of the most fragrant flowers. The scent of these flowers can have an immediate impact on your temperament thereby propelling you to a spiritual state of mind.

Final Thoughts

Nathaniel Branden, a Canadian–American psychotherapist, and writer once said, “The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” While spirituality happens naturally to some people, most of us require some sort of external drive to get into the spiritual frame of mind. We just need a stimulation or inspiration to meditate and settle down our minds. So let the pointers mentioned above be your first step towards your spiritual journey which would ultimately pave the way to a healthy, peaceful and prosperous life.