Some Amazing Facts About Dreaming

A dream is a series of thoughts, images, ideas, and sensations which occur at certain stages of sleep. Though dreams can occur at any stage of your sleep, the longest Dreams occur during the rapid-eye-movement (REM) stage. During the REM stage of your sleep, the brain activity is high and it resembles that of being awake. You can have as many as 7 dreams in a night and, your dreams can last anywhere between a couple of seconds and 20-30 minutes. Many a time it so happens that the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. This phenomenon is often referred to as Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming can be classified into two types: Dream Induced Lucid Dreaming (DILD) & Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD). Dream Induced Lucid dreaming is more of a spontaneous phenomenon where your lucidity is prompted by your sudden realization that you are in a dream state. Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming, on the other hand, is a conscious attempt by the dreamers to go to sleep with an idea in mind and to dream about it. This concept makes use of the Hypnagogia state of your mind where your mind starts to fall asleep and begins to dream about the last thing that it was thinking about. So it is safe that just as your thoughts, dreams too can affect your mind and thinking capacity. Though subtle, the impact that your dreams can have on you is remarkable. Many dream enthusiasts believe in dream analysis and dream interpretation. They suggest that certain dreams have hidden meanings to them. To know more on dream symbols and dream meanings, head to the article Dream symbols and their meanings. So brace yourself as we are headed into discussing some astonishing facts about dreaming.


1. Good sleep can result in fabulous dreams 

When you have no worries in life and when you are content with your life, it is natural for you to get a good sleep always. And when you have consistent and good deep sleep cycles, your dreams tend to follow suit and have a propensity to be pleasant. This is one of the features which makes dreams very similar to your thought process. 


2. When you are tired before sleep, dreams go in hiding 

Sometimes when you are too tired and go to the bed, you immediately go to sleep. And the next thing that happens is that you wake up after a night’s sleep. You literally do not remember any dream from last night. It is quite possible that during such a deep sleep you do not dream at all. Quite an ideal state, isn’t it?

3. Dreams do not invent faces 

Have you ever seen an unknown face in a dream, a face that looks like a creation of your dream? Well, the fact is you never invent a face when you are dreaming. Every face that you come across in your life literally goes into the hidden encyclopedia of your subconscious mind. So a face that was long back erased from your conscious mind may still show up in your dreams.


4. A sense of Déjà Vu

A lot of us have had feelings that a situation currently being experienced has already happened in the past. Such a phenomenon is referred to as  Déjà Vu or Precognition. Some believe that Déjà Vu is a result of a dream that played an incident of the future. This is one scary thing that gives dreams a super-conscious connection. And this is one of the main reasons why scientists continue to study the mystery called dreams.

5. Lucid dreaming 

As mentioned earlier, sometimes it so happens that you are aware that you are dreaming and you are even able to control your dream. This phenomenon is referred to as Lucid Dreaming and people go to the extent of practicing it consciously on a regular basis. And it is fun because dreaming doesn’t have barriers. When you take control of your dreams you tend to do the unthinkable, like flying between planets, dancing on the water and going back to your childhood, all by yourself. 

6. Most dreams go back to the unknown  

One of the main reasons dreams are not taken seriously is that the duration of most dreams is only a couple of seconds. So it is only obvious that we forget most of our dreams. It seems like they go back to an unknown reservoir where they come from, that opens up only when we are sleeping. Is the dream world a different world altogether? Are dreams the reality and our reality just a dream? Is dream the simulation of our reality or is it the other way around? Do we go back to our dreams forever at the time of death? No one has answers to these questions and it seems that no one would ever be able to figure out the real source of dreams.

7. Feeling of anxiety

As we all know, certain dreams are so scary that they make us try to avoid them even as we are dreaming. Dreams about snakes, dreams about falling down from a cliff, dreams about ghosts, dreams about someone shooting you with a gun, are all enough to make you anxious and raise your heart beats. Moreover, dreaming is an unfamiliar territory because you have little control over your dreams. So it is obvious to feel anxious when you are dreaming. Nevertheless, the dreaming anxiety is far too short-lived which more often than not, doesn’t extend into your awakened state.

8. Animals dream as much as humans do

The next time you see a dog wag its tail when it asleep, you can very well assume that it is dreaming and be having a good time eating a cookie or playing in a pool of mud in its dreams. Animals dream in their own capacities and visualize the characters and things that dominate their lives.

9. Is it possible that you dream when you snore?

The answer to whether you can dream when you are snoring is Yes and No. Yes, because you snore mostly during the non-REM stage of your sleep. So whatever dreams you have when you are snoring would be the shorter dreams lasting only for seconds. The answer to this question is also No because your longer dreams occur only during the REM stage of your sleep which never happens while you are snoring. So it is highly unlikely that you snore during those long and penetrating dreams.

10. Ideas can happen during dreaming

Just as you can induce ideas into your dreams with the Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming (WILD), you can also get new ideas from your dreams. Great philosophers, artists, poets, and scientists are known to take refuge in dreams when they run out of ideas and lack clarity. Dreams somehow reveal creative ideas out of nowhere and can prove to be helpful if used to one’s advantage.

There are many more dream facts like:

– The substance of your dreams depends on factors like your age, gender, health and sleep cycles.

– Females tend to remember the faces of people that they see in their dreams.

– Healthy people tend to have pleasant dreams.

– Children are more likely to have dreams about toys and food.

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