The Universe and Consciousness

Universe and Consciousness are two different problems; one appears to stretch endlessly outside of us, and the other seems to occupy every aspect of our inner being.  But what brings them together, is their incomprehensible vastness and absolutely no evidence whatsoever of their creation. Which is perhaps why there are so many diverse theories available on both these problems. And with every new theory comes a new idea which builds a new perception. Today, I bring to you, a theory which I fondly call, “I” means Infinity. Throughout this article, my intention would be to marry the material and the spiritual worlds by interrelating the notions about the Universe and Human Consciousness. The goal is to blend the ideas of these interminable entities and present it as an entirely new concept which is more apprehensible and opens door to new feasibilities.

“I” means Infinity

Like most people, I am fascinated by the idea of Meditation which in my parlance is to find a spot and sit, let go every single thought that occupies my mind one at a time and get into a deep state of relaxation. And not long ago, when I was done with a good round of this practice and began to acclimate, an intriguing query kicked off my thought cycle. All through our lives, we keep asking ourselves “What is the universe?”. We look up the sky to visualize the vastness of the universe and wonder how colossal and far-reaching it is. The scale of the universe is so enormous that it needs only seconds to make us seem as insignificant beings on a small planet in a small solar system in a small galaxy.

However, this overwhelming feeling of minuteness more often than not shadows a vital fact that the Universe is made of us. If the size of the universe is an imperative question, our relationship with the universe is an equally fundamental question. Instead of asking “how big are we when compared to the universe?”, we should start asking “how are we connected to the universe?”. The Universe that we perceive as vast is a perpetual combination of infinitesimal particles inside and outside of us. And it’s not just our physical being but also our thoughts and our consciousness which form this vast Universe. So it’s no shame to assert the fact that this is our Universe.

We must stop wondering about the size of the universe and start thinking about a simple equation; if every particle makes up the Universe, then every particle is the Universe. Because if Universe is infinite outside, how can it be finite inside? How can we be finite then? This in a way is a great realization because it makes the size of the universe irrelevant. And this is the reason why the consciousness inside us is as much infinite as does the universe outside of us. So it is perfectly alright to say that each one of us is Infinite in scale and that we are the Universe and not in the Universe.

And from this realization spawned a new set of thoughts; thoughts on higher consciousness.

We perceive the outer and the inner world through our senses, thoughts and consciousness but each of these is in fact a dimension that we use differently and yet coherently to understand the world. You do not identify the same world when you hear everything but see nothing. You will not perceive the same world if you see everything and hear nothing. These dimensions when combined, give you a different view of world all together. So if a progression and coherence of senses and thoughts can enhance our perception of world, wouldn’t it be possible to perceive a greater world or universe if we own a different and greater sense? Wouldn’t such an addition change our lives for better? Isn’t that something we loosely state as higher consciousness?

Well, the quest for higher consciousness seems innate in most human beings and one that I am sure, will remain so in the ages to come. And I have decided this moment, that I am not going to leave this topic anytime soon. Well, another dose of meditation and I will be high again. Have a great day people!